Our story

Hollander Yacht Design is a small boutique yacht design and visualisation studio based in the heart of the Netherlands.

Although HYD is a rather young company, with a combined experience in the industry of over 8 years at world-renowned yacht design companies like Sinot yacht design & architecture and de Voogt/Feadship, your project is in great hands.

HYD is led by its co-founders Simon Hollander and Alexandra Nicolaescu, who formed the company in 2019 with the aim to challenge the status quo.



One of the most important tools we use in the design process of any yacht or building is 3D visualisation. By carefully reproducing natural light, realistic materials and fully detailed 3D architecture, we bring designs to life and offer a near photo-realistic look at what's to come. By keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies such as VR and 3D printing, we offer our clients the latest tools needed to ensure a flawless final product.

HYD_Interior Design 1

Interior Design

The interiors we design are custom made to fit the lifestyle of even the most demanding of clients.
Whether it's a main deck lounge or a guest cabin, we ensure that every minute detail of the space is thought out to the highest standards and make sure no space goes to waste by keeping in mind the available gross tonnage of the vessel.
During the interior design process we deliver 2D floor plans, moodboards, real material samples and 3D visualisations that all work together to ensure the yacht meets all of the clients requirements​.

22m project Charlie Design by Hollander Yacht Design.

Exterior Design

The exterior of a yacht is a combination of highly optimized deck layouts, a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior of the yacht and a strong recognizable profile.
Creating a yacht that reflects the clients needs and personality involves close collaboration with shipyards, naval architects, crew members and captains to ensure the perfect yachting experience.

Mission statement

At HYD we operate based on
3 simple core principles:


Working in close collaboration with shipyards allows us to push the boundaries of what is possible and bring our clients the best possible product.
Whether it's a new interior design project, a custom piece of furniture or the exterior visualisation of an unbuild yacht, our main focus is always on design.

Speed & Flexibility

Being a small company with a flexible approach, has the advantage of being able to bring our client's vision to life in the shortest amount of time.
We believe a yacht is a personal design expression that should be tailor-made for it's owner. Every client is different and thus for each design or visualisation we start with a clean sheet of paper.


By selecting and collaborating with luxury brands that have a positive impact on our climate, we try our best to help push the industry forward.
Reducing waste and keeping our oceans clean will ensure the continued pleasure of yachting for many generations to come and is therefore one of our personal top priorities.